1. What size Coke Bottle Curves Shaper should I order? How Much?

Although many companies tell you to order by your shirt size, shirt sizes may vary.  Use our sizing chart to make sure you get the correct size. If your stomach has a pooch, a little bigger or you are hippy, order a size up.

Our prices begin at 65.00 , please go to the site to see which product you have an interest in.

When in doubt and you can't reach anyone on our social media page, please send an email to

cokebottlecurves@gmail.com with your height, weight and waist measurements. If this is not possible, send a pic from the neck down to the email standing forward.

2. What's the best shaper for me ?

Anastasia is the shorter of the shapers. It is more flexible so its better to workout in or for beginners. It is two inches shorter than the black latex shapers. The inside has a cotton lining to absorb the sweat.

UPDATE: We now carry Anastasia in a longer torso version as well to cover upper back fat and some more at the bottom of the tummy.

If you want to use a shaper to do crunches and ab work, Anastasia is perfect for this. You may still need Natasha to work on your backfat and lower pooch, so its always a good idea to get two if you need it for serious WAIST WORK.

Sasha is the black latex shaper that is made out of thick latex and is a more aggressive shaper. It is 2 inches longer than the Anastasia so it sits lower on the stomach.

If you are worried about upper back fat spilling over the top of your shaper, try the Natasha. This is the vest style shaper, it will cover and contain and get rid of upper back fat. This style is great for new mommies also. It also helps with your posture.

3. Remember, you can always email cokebottlecurves@gmail.com with

1. your height

2. your weight

3. you waist size (google how to measure your waist)

4. a picture of you from the waist down to get your sizing anaylsis

4. What size do I need?

Look at the chart all over the site.

There are two columns with your height, 5'5 and under in first column.

Look to the left the number that begings usually with 30, 32, 34, 36, -42, 44, this is an average of your waist size. If your waist size is maybe a 38 but your weight falls under 42, go with the bigger size.

When in doubt, email your height weight and waist measurement to cokebottlecurves@gmail.com. You can include your pic from the neck down so I can decide what size you need.


Please allow 7-10 business days for your item to ship out, not to be delivered. All items are imported from Columbia and although you may have emailed me on Monday, but not placed your order until Wednesday, stock could be low or being restocked. These shapers go fast !

In special circumstances, overnight delivery may be possible for an additional charge, email for serious inquiries only .



You are however allowed to exchange, if the fit is not good for you, on a case by case basis.

Pleas get assistance when trying on shaper for first time, especially if you were given the size suggestion by our staff. If you ordered on your own without asking for assistance, you may have purchased the wrong size. Send an email asap, not a message on FB or Instagram, with your name, email , or order number. Lie down on the bed and try to close it, ask for assistance of up to 2 people. If it can't close, pack it way ASAP, do not keep near odors, hair, pet hair smoke, etc or your exchange can be denied.

1.Ask the post office for a 6.00 legal size priority envelope.

2. Enclose 6.00, inside the vest and include a note with the size you want to exchange for.

Pack up the shaper, remove from any area that has hair, lint, odors, pet hair, smoke, etc. 

If an item is returned in this condition, the return will be rejected and you will have to pay an invoice for 6.00 to have the damaged used item shipped back to you.

 If you can't get it on, please email, I have some tricks that you can do to close the shaper. It's not supposed to be really easy to close the first time.

Try on the shaper with no deodorant or lotion etc to keep it in the same condition it was shipped in.